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UNCUT Covert Commissions Article & Premium ‘Fast Traffic’ Bonus – By Web Expert Hanif Quentino (eMarketingChamps)

UNCUT Covert Commissions Article & Premium ‘Fast Traffic’ Bonus – By Web Expert Hanif Quentino (eMarketingChamps)

Does Covert Commisions deliver on its claim of giving online marketers ‘done for you’ marketing funnels that build long-term, recurring revenue streams…even for complete beginners?

Hanif Quentino answers this important question on his site:

When using Covert Commissions, the most important aspect to review & focus on will be web traffic. The following 4 methods can be used to obtain web traffic and build a customer base:

1. Proper Use of Search Engine Optimization Is Vital

There is no successful Internet marketer who does not understand search engines and the importance of search engine optimization or SEO. There are millions of blogs and websites out there, but only some of them will be seen.

Customers use major search engines to review products and services. SEO is a technique utilized to structure a blog or a website to reach as many customers as possible. This is accomplished through the use of keywords, keyword phrases, content that is original, photos that are original and engaging videos.

Successful search engine optimization means that when a keyword phrase is typed into a major search engine, such as Google, a person’s website or blog will appear on the first or second page – preferably the first.

This is the first step in getting views, customers and ultimately targeted customers. However, it is not a step that has to be undertaken alone. If a website or blog owner is not skilled on the use of SEO, it is imperative that he or she hire someone who is. Let a professional get your blog or website to place high on an important search engine.

2. Become A Social Media Pro

If you’ve failed to utilize social media in the past, that must change if you are hoping to develop a successful sales funnel. In the 21st century, millions of potential customers can be found on social media.

Currently, the most popular social media sites are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+. A business person who wants to be successful with a product or service should be found on all major social media sites to catch all potential customers who participate in them.

A. Hashtags

One component that must be included in social media participation are hashtags. A hashtag, which is the number sign followed by a word, allow for real-time tracking and should be included in every post or tweet. For example, if you are a wedding photographer in Chicago, Illinois, working on Michigan Avenue, your hashtags should indicate what you do and where you can be found, and they should be as targeted as possible. For example, #weddingphotographer, #weddingphotography, #Chicago, #MichiganAve

B. Advertisements

Another useful component of social media is the ability to advertise one’s content. The most effective advertising, using strong hashtags, has the most likely chance of success. Here is where a professional comes in handy if you are unskilled on creating the most effective ad copy.

3. Referral Programs Can Be Effective To Create Sales Funnels

Once a blog or website has been keyword optimized, you are on track for finding target customers. One of the best ways to increase the size of highly-focused customers is with a referral review program.

A targeted customer signs on as one of your referrals. They in turn obtain a benefit for signing on more customers, some of which will become part of that narrow pool that turns a business into a successful one.

An example of a referral program is offering affiliates a percentage of a sale when a sale is accomplished. Affiliates are often likely to promote your product and service to people who they think would be interested, and a percentage of those people will be part of the narrow pool.

4. Offer a Free Trial Or Sample To Pull In Interested People

One of the best ways to attract targeted customers is to pull them in with a free trial or a free sample. Historically, customers are always attracted to freebies. With the use of highly targeted keywords, you can indicate that you are offering something free that is highly attractive to clients.

For example, when offering a service, a 30-day free trial is a great way to introduce people to the service before they make a long-term commitment. Not everyone will be back after those 30 days, but a percentage of people will return, and those people will become part of your narrow focus pool of customers and, more importantly, your repeat customers.

Hanif’s full Covert Commissions review can be seen here:

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