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Encrypt1 Creator Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Promote New Cyber Security Program

Encrypt1 Creator Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Promote New Cyber Security Program

Craig Harris, the creator of Encrypt1, has launched a new Kickstarter campaign to promote his new cyber security solution software. With the funds raised by the Kickstarter campaign, Harris plans to develop and distribute this software to everyone needed security for digital data.

Encrypt1 is a new cyber security solution that is designed to protect all types of data. Encrypt1 will protect digital data from hackers by creating new encryption keys at an incredibly fast rate, thereby making it difficult or impossible for hackers to break into a computer system and steal sensitive data.  Now, creator Craig Harris has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to develop, produce and distribute this software.

Encrypt1 is the “next generation of cyber security technology that will provide a wall of protection around all of our personal and business digital data,” according to Harris. The software can be used on smartphones, web browsers and other devices.  The software will be available to consumers and businesses as well as non-profit and educational agencies.  

The program will move data in and out of the cloud and use secure VOIP as well as other techniques to protect and encrypt data. The software is designed to operate in the background in a noninvasive way so that users do not even notice that it is working.  It extends existing cyber security capabilities rather than replacing them, making this a perfect addition to any existing security setup.  With the help of Encrypt1, data and communication hijacking is a thing of the past, and companies, individuals and groups can feel secure in sending and receiving data from any source.

Located at, the Kickstarter campaign includes a wide range of donation levels from $10 to $500 and prizes from bumper stickers to backpacks as well as t-shirts and sweatshirts.

For complete information on donation levels and prizes, see the Kickstarter page.

About Encrypt1:  

Encrypt1 is a new technology that secures and protects digital data from malicious hacking. Now, the creator of Encrypt1 has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the production and distribution of this software program.

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