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Paul Kaskel Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Storree Evolution Distribution of First Comic Book

Paul Kaskel Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Storree Evolution Distribution of First Comic Book

Paul Kaskel, the creator of the Storree Evolution Distribution system, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the creation, production and distribution of the first comic book through his proprietary system, Storree Evolution Distribution.

Storree Evolution Distribution is creating a unique story currently in the distribution system created by Paul Kaskel and located at  Now, Kaskel has launched a Kickstarter campaign at to raise funds to finance the production of the first comic book using this system.  Later, Kaskel plans to create more comics using this system as well.

According to Kaskel, Storree Evolution Distribution makes creating books very simple and more interactive with the audience.  “We have a team go out and get people to video model for characters and locations.  We have some artists do the initial pencil work. We have other artists do the digital work in Adobe Illustrator in a dynamic form of separate pieces: head, eyes, torso/legs/feet, and arms/hands.  Finally, other artists, including myself, assemble the scenes to illustrate the entire story, frame by frame.”

This simple process will make it much easier to create and publish a book with richer content at a lower cost.  The initial story we’re producing begins with a character “Tyler Addison” learning that a comic book using his name is predicting the future. Tyler must learn about ancient beings known as “Vulka” and battle them to prevent Vulka controlling human beings to make human destroy each other.

The funds raised as part of the Kickstarter campaign will be used to fund the initial production of the comic book.  Pledge levels range from $1 to $75 and offer prizes including digital copies of the comic book FOR ONLY ONE DOLLAR to other incentives like: the chance to be “cast” as a character in the series.  For complete information on all pledge levels and associated prizes, visit the Kickstarter page:

About Storree Evolution Distribution:  

Paul Kaskel‘s new Storree Evolution Distribution platform offers a unique way to create books easily using computer software and creative ideas. Now, Kaskel has launched his new platform through a Kickstarter campaign designed to raise funds for production of the first comic book to be created through this unique method.

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