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Process and Types of Render Farms

Process and Types of Render Farms

With advances and innovations in technology, the production of a variety of animations and graphics has been streamlined, especially in the world of entertainment. Rendering is one of the techniques that actually manipulate graphics and pixels in a manner that they become more realistic and detailed. 

These 3D modeling tasks are the result of an amalgamation of a variety of elements that are brought together with the help of rendering software. A cloud render farm is generally easier to control and manage as compared to a server based render farm. 

Here is a walk through on how render farms work.

The Process

The process of how a render farm works is not that difficult once the farm has been set up. The first step is to convert the project file according to software compatible with the rendering farm and uploading the file on HTTP, plug in or FTP. Additionally, the project file can be uploaded through a DVD as well.

The Queue Manager or the rendering management software initiates the second step, in which different tasks are assigning to the node computers to begin parallel processing. Each of the node computers in use also has compatible and configured 3D software installed.

The last step is basically an inverse of the first step, where the user receives the final, rendered product, in a file form. 


Rendering, though the execution of a single task, can be carried out in many different ways. There are generally three main types available to users:

Home Based

In this scenario, the user organizes the entire farm set up, where he/she has a number of computers at home. Managing this type of render farm can get difficult, as the set up is complicated. Those who are proficient regarding complex software and programming will not face difficulties though.


A collaborative render farm consists of multiple users, where each user makes his/her machine available for rendering projects of other users and in turn, uses the machines of other users for his/her own projects. The users in a collaborative render farm need to have some know how regarding the technical skills involved in rendering for this to be possible.

Cloud Based

Cloud based rendering is one of the most reliable, cost effective and efficient options available in the market, when it comes to rendering. This basically involves outsourcing to an experienced data center or organization. Companies compile the project according to your requirements on a project-by-project basis and users do not have to worry about the server space or troubleshooting. 

Cloud rendering allows users to focus on the innovations and quality of the project instead of wasting time on handling complex programming. The end result is not only up to mark, but it is also fast!


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