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The 49ers are going from contender to disaster and it’s Jim Harbaugh’s fault

The 49ers are going from contender to disaster and it’s Jim Harbaugh’s fault

Say what you want about locker-room strife or the transient nature of the NFL: If Jim Harbaugh was still coach of the San Francisco 49ers, the team wouldn’t be staring a 4-12 record and two years of rebuilding directly in the face. In football, like in no other sport, the winning starts at the top and though Jim Tomsula has done a fine job with the 49ers defense over the past eight seasons, he’s no Harbaugh.AP CARDINALS 49ERS FOOTBALL S FBN USA CA

Harbaugh commanded respect, both due to his winning ways and on-field presence. Now, without him, players are fleeing California like The Big One was coming. Here’s a partial list of what’s happened since Harbaugh fled the west coast for the colder, cozier confines of Ann Arbor: Colin Kaepernick was allegedly dangled in trade talks and the speed with which these rumors were denied almost guaranteed their truth.

Maybe Patrick Willis still retires if Harbaugh stayed. But this team isn’t experiencing normal attrition, they’re experiencing a full-blown exodus. That’s why, as we wrote yesterday, the team would be insane not to listen to offers for Kaepernick. Why hold on to a valuable asset when you can turn him for a number of key pieces that could help the team be competitive down the road? At this point Kaepernick is a star stuck in the mud (if you ever consider him a star). The San Francisco 49ers are a team on a downward spiral and it’s all because Jim Harbaugh and management couldn’t play nice in the sandbox. Now the franchise is about to pay the price.