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Cyprus has attracted vast new levels of FDI from mid 2014 up until the present and is now the most promising and prominent real estate investment target for the next decade, owing to the vast reserves of natural gas and oil.

There is no current clean and viable alternative to natural gas and due to this, the demand for such a precious commodity has reached record levels over the last few years. In addition, this has become the focal point of the European Energy Commissions needs presently and for the future . Existing data held by the US geological survey and Institut FranÁais du PÈtrole, suggest the presence of around three trillion cubic metres of natural gas in the Aphrodite fields as well as equally and highly significant oil reserves. One of the worlds most respected energy concerns have already substantiated the accuracy of these estimates with a press release confirming approximately 4 trillion cubic feet of gas within block 12 and highly significant oil deposits, which are expected to yield around 3.7 billion barrels of oil.

Owing to the enormous potential yields in the Aphrodite fields, Cyprus has suddenly emerged out of deep recession to become a serious investment destination for tourist based projects, commercial property and prime location real estate. The country is poised to receive and is already on the start of a wave of massive levels of FDI at present. Many of the worlds largest international real estate companies have expressed interest and several are indeed now purchasing hotels and other large projects which are viable. In addition, several Russian and Chinese investment companies have also been quick to capitalise on the huge potential that now exists here.

At present the previously dormant luxury property market is showing incredible signs of recovery. The large investment here is a positive signal for medium to small investors to purchase now. With the complete lack of prime location building land across Cyprus, the bottleneck will cause prices to rapidly escalate in coastal and other key areas over the next few years. Well informed real estate investors are choosing to buy now at post recession prices. This is certainly the best time to seriously contemplate and action that real estate investment here. Another reason to buy now is that new properties in these prime location areas are evolving to be smaller and more expensive as the land shortage bites.

The cost of real estate investments here are not always cheap in comparison to other destinations, however, this is usually a result of the cost of available land which is now a precious resource in Cyprus. There are not many other locations worldwide to rival this current potential for a rise in capital value over the next few years. Investors looking for great rental yields at present will not find many great prospects here, however, this will change very soon due to the nature of the market in certain areas. It should certainly be noted that both beach front and other prime location real estate prices held their value during the world wide recession and also the recent banking crisis. The key to investment here is land shortages along the coastline and in other prime location areas.

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The main advisor of our team had been a prominent member of the Cyprus planning council which considers all construction across Cyprus both presently and for the future. In addition we provide the highest level of credible, expert, impartial and independent advice on the best locations in which to invest. For the definitive selection of major construction projects, hotels, beach front and other prime location real estate projects do not hesitate to contact Cyprus Acquisition.

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