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Some Deleted Reddit Comments Can Now be Retrieved with ReSavr

Some Deleted Reddit Comments Can Now be Retrieved with ReSavr

04 Mar, 2015 – USA – You might be aware of the fact that you have the flexibility of posting comments on Reddit and even read the comments posted by other people. You also get the joy of voting for the comments that you like. Comments keep on rising and falling like links as more and more people vote for them. Reddit comments are threaded and when you reply to an individual’s comment, your reply gets indented below the comment. But before knowing all this, you must have an idea about what Reddit actually is. It is basically a type of online community where users can post content or links and up vote based on the quality of that content.

Today’s civilization is based on information and therefore it is a must for everything on the internet to remain there for the use of the people. However, there are some Reddit users who delete their Reddit comments for one reason or another. These people do it and might not be aware of the fact that their Deleted Reddit comments could be of some use for other people. But, now some deleted Reddit comments will be there on the internet with the smart services provided by ReSavr. is the one stop destination for you to track all the long comments that users remove from Reddit. saves recently deleted comments and archives them.

The services provided by ReSavr do not work as business but it has worked out to be very advantageous for a large number of users. ReSavrstarted with the venture of saving deletedRedditcommentsin the month of December 2014 and it has successfully archived more than 15000 comments till now. Plans are being made to bring about an expansion in the website functionality. However, proper care is also being taken to avoid the site serving as a tool for spying on various users.

Since Reddit has come up in the form of a very huge archive for human knowledge, very similar to a library, it is not possible to put up all the comments and the posts that come on a regular basis. It is a social networking site that votes only for factual information that that too on very serious issues. Users do not need to take the tension of incorrect information because the up voted comments and posts get more visibility. People tend to delete their comments on Reddit not being able to understand the usefulness of their comments for others. However, there are services that can get you all the matter that has been deleted on the internet. ReSavr is one such service.

ReSavr scans for deleted Reddit commentsand then posts them to ensure that all important and useful information stays online permanently to be of good help for others. It does not even ignore the junk comments in order to ensure that nothing substantial gets out of sight or stays away from being captured. ReSavr has put forward the claim that all deleted content that is more than 1850 characters, is saved within a day. So, it is quite possible for you to get useful information from all the deleted comments saved from Reddit. ReSavr has come in the form of a positive body for people who are searching the internet for useful and unique information.

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