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Kindle Direct Publishing & JesMarie Torkelson are Offering Her New Book FREE!

Kindle Direct Publishing & JesMarie Torkelson are Offering Her New Book FREE!

Fortitude, Fascinations & Captivation by JesMarie Torkelson. Each of the 5 short stories stood on their own. A spellbinding read. This book is an enjoyable read. She crafts her stories in a way that makes you want to keep turning the pages!

Boise, Idaho, USA – March 4, 2015 — Today’s FREE BOOK Offer: Fortitude, Fascinations & Captivation by JesMarie Torkelson. Kindle Direct Publishing is allowing anyone to recieve JesMarie Torkelson’s new book Fortitude, Fascinations & Captivation, FREE! Starting Wednesday, March 4th through Sunday, March 8th. (


JesMarie Torkelson grew up in the great Northwest spending most of her childhood in Idaho. She has always enjoyed writing, but developed a passion and the excitement of storytelling as she grew older. JesMarie attended a local community college where she graduated with highest honors, earning a Liberal Arts Degree. This is where she began developing her writing skills and the ability to touch those who read her stories. She spent her childhood traveling the United States with her family, giving her an understanding of the world at an early age. Currently JesMarie is working on a young adult novel based on the futurist journey of a young girl who grew up in a world that is like no other. Except one day she finds that this harmonious world she knew is not what it seems. And, she may be the only one who can awake the generations who have been manipulated.


This room that holds me is bare of all things personal. Blank of anything that gives life. The only thing that keeps me company is the clock on the wall. It sits behind me, a small circle embraced in dark wood, high above my head. The images are moving so fast, my heart begins to beat rapidly. I feel strange. My body feels light, free. There is no sound. The tick and the tick of the clock are gone. I can’t hear them anymore. There is only silence. My ears search for a noise, any noise. I find only empty space.


My eyes are open, but I can’t see anything. It is dark, pitched black. My hands feel around me. Cold and rough ground, cement. I lift my hands above my head trying to find something. There is nothing to find. I feel behind me. Nothing. I slowly stand up and extend my arms in front of me. There is still nothing there. Is anybody there?” No one answers. It is completely silent. All I can hear is my breath. I begin to feel sobs rise inside of me. I hold them down. I don’t have time to break. I have to figure out where I am. I have to figure out how to escape this place.


Lying on this soft green grass my mind wonders what new shapes and objects I will discover. The sky is bright blue and as clear as a bell. I hope I see my floating friends today. My eyes reach high into the sky patiently waiting for them to emerge. Slowly, one by one they arrive. Some are soft and puffy, while others are thick and jagged; even some are long and flat. They have always danced for me; turning and twisting into familiar shapes to tell me a story. That was how they communicated.


He sits alone in the dark with the tones of Kung Fu Fighting in the air. He clutches a small glass of fifty year old scotch in his hand, his lips are wet from his last sip. The music is low, meant for his ears only. This secret is something he satisfies every night. He envisions taking her into his arms, feeling her warmth, tasting her lips, caressing her face, telling her yes.


I pulled my car into the café parking lot off of the highway. It is one that tourists usually stop at, the kind that has everything they need, including gas, restrooms, food, and little trinkets with the state motto on it. Of course the Benefit Guild would pick this place for the first and only meeting. No one will notice us here. I walked into the cafe and instantly smelled fries and coffee. I stopped at the counter and scanned the room.My eyes stopped as soon as I spotted her, the stranger I was expected to meet. “NO,” I gasp and put my hand over my mouth in order to keep my screams from escaping!

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