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FlipHTML5, the Newest PDF to Flipbook Maker in Digital Market

FlipHTML5, the Newest PDF to Flipbook Maker in Digital Market

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FlipHTML5, the newest PDF to flipbook maker on the market, brings with a suite of audiovisual and customization tools, setting the bar higher for conventional digital publishers on the market.

The world of the internet keeps moving and in order to be successful, software companies need to keep on their toes. This is true for the flipbook maker software that has been challenging others in the market; FlipHTML5. Harnessing the power of HTML 5, FlipHTML5 burst onto the scene with a bang. It boasts several new features over its competitors in the market and is quickly attracting an audience requiring higher functionality and customization that what was others were delivering.

FlipHTML5 has the bar higher for its competitors by bringing innovative solutions and addressing customer requirements and insights.

The new PDF to flipbook maker by FlipHTML5 focuses on the professional flipbook user and allows further branding and customization tools, the most notable of which is the watermark option. FlipHTML5 allows users to place a watermark on the flipbook during the import process when the user sets the PDF file for conversion.

The background gallery is also one of a kind, bringing with it much more unique scenes. What has changed the scenario as compared to other conventional options on the market is the ability to add Dynamic background scenes to the PDF to flipbooks. This feature which wasn’t seen before with other flipbook makers has been a commendable success and was appreciated by its users. Marcus Johnson stated “I am always looking for a better solution to present my digital magazine to the readers of my website. The HTML5 PDF to flipbook solution helps me create interactive digital magazines for all platforms easily. Thanks a lot!”

Yet another multimedia feature which has been added to the mix is the ability to work effectively with audio. Not only can users add audio files to the flipbook but also record their voice to add to it. This feature is available within the Animation Editor which provides the user with a suite of audio visual tools.

While focusing on the addition of features on the surface, FlipHTML5 has also been tinkering under the hood for improvements over conventional options in the market. The new PDF to flipbook maker also considerably improves loading speeds, allowing readers to save time and remain engaged with the content.

About FlipHTML5

FlipHTML5 is interactive digital publishing software created in Hong Kong, China. In addition to digital publishing, it also offers other cost effective utilities and software to cater to small businesses.

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