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The ZephVR, which brings real wind to virtual reality, is launching on Kickstarter

The ZephVR, which brings real wind to virtual reality, is launching on Kickstarter

The​​ accessory ​​uses​​ machine ​​learning​​ to​​ add​​ wind​​ to​​ VR,​​ so​​ when​​ you ​​fly, fall,​​ accelerate — or​​ when ​​there’s​​ wind​​ in​​ a​​ game — you’ll​​ actually​​ feel​​ it.

VR​ gamers​ ​will​ soon​ feel​ like​​ ​they’re actually​ in​​ ​their virtual worlds.​ The​ ZephVR,​ which​ ​creates wind​​ synchronized​ with​ events​ in​ ​virtual reality,​ is​ launching ​on​​ Kickstarter​.​ The crowdfunding​ campaign​ will​ go​ live​ on​ November​ 2​, 2017​ ​and​ last​ for​ 30​ days,​ with​ a​ funding goal​ of​ $30,000.​

“The ZephVR​ transforms​ any​ VR​ experience​ into​ a​ multi-sensory,​​ physically​ ​immersive adventure,” said​ Sean​ Spielberg,​ the​ company’s​​ cofounder​ and​ CEO.​​ ​“Wind is​ one​​ of​ the​​ most​ critical elements​ in​ turning​ a​ game​​ into​ a​ reality.​​ ​Until now,​ experiences​​ that​ incorporate​​ wind​ have only​ been​ available​ at​ theme​​ parks​ and​ ​exhibitions.”

The ZephVR​ is​ a​ first-of-its-kind​ ​accessory that​​ attaches​ to​ popular​ headsets​ ​like the​ HTC​ Vive, Oculus​ Rift,​ and​ PlayStation​ ​VR, and​​ automatically​ adds​ wind​ to​ ​any game.​ Using​ machine learning,​ it​ recognizes​ events​ in​ games’​ audio​ tracks​ ​and​ activates​ its​ fans​ at​ the​ right​ moments, so​ when​ you​ fly,​ fall,​​ or​ accelerate—or​ when​​ ​there’s wind​ in​​ a​ game—you’ll​​ actually​ feel it.​

Paige Pruitt,​ cofounder​ and​ CTO,​ thought​ of​ the​ idea​ ​while​ playing​ a​ car​ game​ on​ her​ PlayStation VR.​ When​ she​ leaned​ out​​ the​ virtual​ car’s​ ​​window,​ she​ accidentally​ put​ her​ head​ in​ front of​ her​ window​ fan.​ “It​ ​​felt ​so real,​ ​and I​​ ​couldn’t stop​ ​​giggling,” ​she said.​ “I​​ immediately​ started thinking​ about​ recreating​ moments​ like​ this​ for​ other​ games.”​

Pruitt built​ a​ prototype​ and​ shared​ ​it ​with the​ ​PSVR subreddit,​​ ​where it​ became​ ​the top post​ for​ nearly a​ day.​ “At​ that​ point,​ we​ realized​ there​ was​ real​ ​​demand for​ something​ like​ this,”​ she​ said. “Sean​ and​ I​ got​ to​ ​work ​turning the​ ​ZephVR from​​ ​an initial​ idea​ ​into a​ consumer​ product.”​

We think​ the​ ZephVR​ is​​ a​ ​natural ​addition to​ ​virtual reality,​​ just​​ like​ the​ Rumble​ ​​Pak​ was​ ​for the​ Nintendo 64​,” said​ Spielberg.​ “But​ wind​ is​ just​ ​the beginning.​ Longer-term,​​ our​ technology​ could enable​ all​ sorts​ of​ peripherals​ ​and ​physical effects—temperature,​ ​vibration, rain,​ or​ anything else​ people​ can​ think​ ​up—so that​​ they​ work​ with​ all​ ​VR content,​ automatically.”​ 

Global VR​ revenue​ is​ expected​ ​to reach​​ $74.82​ billion​ in​ 2021​ ​according to​​ Greenlight Insights—an​ annual​ growth​ rate​ of​ nearly​ 80​ %. Pricing for​ the​ ZephVR​ will​ start​ at​ ​$49​ for​ early backers​​ on​​ Kickstarter​ .​ For​ more​ ​information, download the​ ZephVR press​​ kit​ ​or visit​​​

About Weasel​​ Labs​​

Weasel Labs,​ ​creator​ of​ the​​ ​ZephVR, was​ founded​ ​by​ Sean​ ​Spielberg and Paige​ Pruitt​ in​ 2017.​ Based​ in​ New​ York​ ​City,​ the​ team​ combines​ machine​ learning​ with​ sensory effects​ to​ make​ VR​ physically​ immersive.​ They​ are​ ​part​ of​ the​ inaugural​ class​ of​ the​ HMC INQ incubator​ in​ Santa​ ​Monica. ​

For​​ more​ information,​ visit​ their​ ​website at​​.

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