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Are you concerned about the frequent replacement of a Bluetooth headphone, because it deprives you of the opportunity to listen to your favorite music without having to buffer as a result of poor signal connectivity with your phone?

Prawnhz has released a Bluetooth Headphone that is reliable, and promises to serve you even while visiting the white house. The headphone has numerous features as compared to other Bluetooth headphones. The innovative product released by Prawnhz is known to have top-notch sound quality and a symmetric design that enhances the comfort of any user.

The product of Prawnhz is also featured in top technology websites such as Topellulardeals. The level of publicity that is attained by Prawnhz is evident of the level of quality that is put into the delivery of high quality products.

The Prawnhz Bluetooth headphone is manufactured to tackle the need for a listening device that is free from several limitations such as; cumbersome use of cords, slow charging, quick damage when exposed to water, unfriendly design for outdoor use, and many other challenges.

More features that are obtained with the earphone include Noise cancellation, 9 hours’ playtime, and magnetic in-ear earbuds among many others.

The Prawnhz Bluetooth headphones are designed to offer excellent sound quality as compared to what is obtainable in other Bluetooth headphones.

The Bluetooth headphones also have a stylish design that helps to meet the aesthetic appeal of customers. The design which was conceived from the work of a formidable team of product designers resulted in a product that can be worn at any occasion, as a result of its attractive design.

The device allows a playtime of up to 9 hours, enabling the use of the device for any outdoor activity and any event that requires no interruption about the need for recharging.

The Prawnhz Bluetooth headphone is also specially designed to ensure that it is not easily affected by rain when it is used in the rain, all as a result of its water-resistant properties. The ability to ensure noise cancellation when the device is used by a user is also made possible by the in-ear skin healthy silicone noise cancellation earbuds

With this device, there is no need to worry about answering a phone call. The strong signal connectivity that the Bluetooth earbuds possess enables users to easily respond to phone calls even when a phone is not on site but within the signal range.

The use of Bluetooth 4.1 wireless technology also ensures that the device can communicate easily with any device it is attached with, due to the effectiveness of its wireless Bluetooth earbuds. The support for two devices that is possible with the Prawnhz Bluetooth headphones, also makes it a favorable option for any lover of gadgets.

Furthermore, valuable accessories are attached to the Prawnhz Bluetooth headphones. The accessories include the Micro USB Cable, small and medium ear tips, small and medium air wings, among many others.

In conclusion, a device that provides more than 180 hours of standby time, and barely 2 hours of recharge time is made available for purchase by Prawnhz.

The product can be purchased on Amazon for just $29.99 via this link:

More information about the earphone can be obtained from the Facebook page of Prawnhz via the link below:   

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