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NAAB Ambulance Service Pleads for Lockdown in Brussels

October 14
23:03 2020
NAAB Ambulance Service Pleads for Lockdown in Brussels

The circulation of Covid-19 has reached a relatively dramatic level in Belgium. We can see this through the figures but also through the resumption of ambulance transport.

Arnaud Franchini, CEO of NAAB Ambulance Service LLC, specifies that:

The current measures will be ineffective if a strict lockdown is not applied as soon as possible in Brussels and sometimes locally in Wallonia. Non-essential medical appointments must be canceled in order to limit transport and contact with already vulnerable people.

The WHO has said it time and time again: the virus is always one step ahead!

As in last January, Arnaud Franchini asks that the private Brussels health carriers not be forgotten:

While an endowment of masks and gloves was indeed provided in the Walloon region by Aviq, this was not the case in the Brussels region. Indeed, there is still no legislation in the European capital, so it is vital to ensure that private carriers are adequately equipped to transport patients in optimal conditions.

The messages of caution or the instructions given do not sufficiently reflect the very serious and precipitous decline in the health situation. In fact, this confusion generates a lack of attention on the part of the population to the real danger of the crisis. It therefore becomes complex to motivate the latter, which is nevertheless the first to have to be educated.

The relatively low number of hospitalizations and deaths has been used to temper the increase in cases. Unfortunately, these numbers will continue to increase in the coming days. An acceleration that will be due to the increase in Covid-19 cases, but above all to the larger scale of infected vulnerable people, concluded Arnaud Franchini of NAAB Ambulance Service LLC.

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