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Moonbin and Sanha, who are back with a new ‘dark fascinating’ theme, are the most anticipated comeback idols of September selected by global fans

October 14
21:15 2020

‘IDOLCHAMP’, a participatory mobile app with the latest idol news, did a poll on the subject of ‘the most anticipated September comeback idol’ for about two weeks from September 4th.

The weather has become chilly and autumn has approached rapidly after a long rainy season.

Just like the clear blue skies of September, the fresh young idols are making a comeback, exciting the hearts of many fans.

From first-generation idol Jang Woo-hyuk, who returned with a multi-album on the 24th anniversary of his debut, to a SM coalition team Super M, who is returning with a full-length album, many idols have made a comeback across generations.

Among the various idols, Moonbin & Sanha have been selected as “the most anticipated September comeback idol” by 5 million K-pop fans.

With a total of 370,000 votes gathered, Moonbin & Sanha topped the list with 38.41% of the vote, which received high attention from fans.

Moonbin & Sanha, a subunit of ASTRO, well-known for their clean-cut image with hit songs such as “Crazy fascinating Cool” and “Knock,” have gone through a complete change and returned with a new “dark fascinating” image.

Moonbin & Sanha, who announced their first mini-album “IN-OUT” on the 14th, showed their unique charm as a subunit, different from their main group ASTRO. On the day of the album release, they ranked first in iTunes K-pop album charts Argentina, Brazil, and Chile, as well as placing top 5 in 12 countries including Hong Kong and Romania, receiving popularity from many global fans. 

‘This ‘IN-OUT’ album is based on the concept of a ‘therapist’ that ‘fades out (erases)’ bad memories and ‘fades in (clarifies)’ good memories through dreams. Moonbin & Sanha, who revealed that the album contains the message of ‘healing,’ performed on stage for the first time since their comeback to their title song ‘Bad Idea’ on ‘Show Champion’.

By showing of their distinguished ‘restrained dark fascinating’ look, Moonbin & Sanha responded to their fans’ expectations with a powerful yet gentle performance and voice.  

It was a performance that proved why many global fans were looking forward to Moonbin & Sanha’s comeback and why they were named the “most anticipated comeback idol in September.”

Wonho, who returned as a solo artist came in second place with 38.34% of the vote, followed by A.C.E. and Stray Kids.

The results of the polls can also be found on the global Hallyu community KStarLive and the Idol Champ app.

Meanwhile, Idol Champ will vote on the theme of ‘Pick the Best Main Dancer’ until September 30.

The candidates included Taemin, Shownu, Lisa, and Dita, the main dancers of different groups, and the idol who topped the votes will be awarded with wide-collar ads at Gangnam Station.

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