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J.L. Marc Lefebvre, CFP teaches the principles of financial security in the “Dishwasher’s Dream” series

May 11
23:16 2020
J.L. Marc Lefebvre, CFP teaches the principles of financial security in the "Dishwasher’s Dream" series
Experienced financial expert and founder of Lefebvre International, J.L. Marc Lefebvre, CFP, authors a book series titled “Dishwasher’s Dream,” where he offers a comprehensive financial literacy guide

J.L. Marc Lefebvre, CFP is a notable figure in the financial solutions industry, with more than 35 years of honing his transactional skills and expertise. He founded Lefebvre International, a multinational financial services company to provide merchant services to small and large businesses worldwide. He has decided to share his expertise with the world with the release of the “Dishwasher’s Dream” book series.

Financial independence or stability at the least is one of the commonest desires of humans, regardless of age, race, or gender. Unfortunately, the principles of wealth management as it plays out in real life cannot be learnt within the four walls of a school. While there are several financial literacy guides purportedly authored to teach readers how to achieve financial success, many of such information does not meet the needs of the consumers. This is where J.L. Marc Lefebvre is looking to make a difference with the launch of his “Dishwasher’s Dream” series.

The first release of the series titled “A Dishwasher’s Dream – Your Launchpad To Financial Success” has become increasingly popular in recent times, garnering accolades from readers worldwide. The book chronicles Marc’s journey to success, including how he was part-time washing dishes at a pizzeria at the age of 15 and his growth over the years to achieve his goal of financial freedom. Some of the tools and principles taught in the book include living within one’s means, paying off debts, savings and investments, increasing income streams, and preparation for unforeseen contingencies.

“A Dishwasher’s Dream” is an entertaining life story with a powerful lesson of courage, grit, and basic financial information so needed in today’s society. Set your goals and actively pursue them if you literally want to stop washing dishes,” said John Duke Schneider Esq., a founding member of the National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys.

For more information about the “Dishwasher’s Dream” series and to enjoy the 10% launch discount on the first book, please visit-

About J.L. Marc Lefebvre, CFP

J.L. Marc Lefebvre, CFP is the founder, president, and CEO of Lefebvre International, a multinational financial services company that provides merchant services to small and large businesses around the globe, making it easy for them to buy or sell goods and services using virtually any form of payment.

Marc had a humble beginning, delivering newspapers before landing as a dishwasher. While going to high school and grinding out 25 hours a week in a hot kitchen, washing pots and pans, he developed a strong work ethic and embarked on a focused path to financial success.

The Certified Financial Planning (CFP) became the division manager in a large financial brokerage firm in Eastern Ontario and eventually founded Lefebvre International in 1999 after he sensed new opportunities in the world of e-commerce.

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