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U.S Marketing and Branding Company, MBE, Has Started Contact Tracing To help States, Cities, and Anyone Needing Help to Trace Covid-19

May 11
23:12 2020

MBE, a U.S marketing and branding firm located in Alabama, has decided to take immediate action, and contribute to Coronavirus efforts by spreading awareness and performing Covid-19 contact tracing services. We took heed to the need of Contact tracing, is a core disease control measure typically performed by local and state health department personnel, this is said to be a key strategy for preventing further spread of COVID-19 and helping flatten the curve.

According to the CDC, A close contact is someone who was within 6 feet of an infected person for at least 15 minutes starting from 48 hours before illness onset until the time the patient is isolated.

Contact tracing helped both Hong Kong and South Africa flatten its curve expeditiously. They later deployed 28,000 contact tracers to track the spread of the coronavirus. With the high numbers in the United States MBE has built an army of teams to help #Tracethecase.

However, contact tracing is no small task, especially in areas with more active coronavirus infections like the United States. Contact tracing helps prevent the spread of the virus by proactively finding individuals at higher risk than others due to potential exposure, notifying them if possible, and quarantining them as well.

As a solution, MBE is giving everything their team has to offer to assist in flattening the curve.

According to the company CEO, Mel Bowers: “We Have studied and created a Specialized Training Module that organizes, promotes and produces cutting edge training for any level of tracer. We have world class researchers and training specialist, who possess the needed skills that has produced a seamless and gratifying learning experience.  To ensure quality deliverables, we have designed this customized MBE COVID Training Blue Print with specific learning objectives that will help us achieve top results. Our expert team has mastered curating soft skills and professional training content. We also specialize in delivering Neutral Accent Training along with strong assessment criteria to ensure progress and growth.”

The company incorporated Adult Learning Principles, Neuro-Linguistic Programs, Transactional Analysis, Multiple Intelligence, and Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy theories and approaches by blending the ADDIE model while curating the COVID Contact Tracing content to ensure they implement winning strategies to curate effective training modules for all level tracers. The empathy segment allows us to show the importance of humility to gain trust while gaining the needed data.

Continuing, Bowers said: “Our Contact Tracers will be taken through our specialized hiring process and trained to work to support the COVID-19 response. Contact Tracers will be supervised by Level 2 Contact Tracers. We will conduct phone interviews with people diagnosed with COVID-19. During the case interview, the Contact Tracer will gather information about the case, gather information about the case’s contacts, notify and educate any household/close contacts who are present during the interview and assess the case and household contact needs for services to support isolation/quarantine, including medical care.” Each state will have special needs and we plan to incorporate the needs based on area.

The MBE Contact Tracer Blueprint Consists of:

• Identifying strategies to reduce spread of Covid-19

• Identifying the primary components of Covid-19 Contact Tracing

• Protecting health information based on HIPPA Regulations


• Applying COVID CONTACT TRACING PROTOCOL in realistic scenarios

• Identifying Jurisdiction specific contact tracing tools and protocols

• Analyzing contact tracing encounters for continuous quality improvement

In conclusion, Bowers remarked: “We can provide the needed training that is outlined based on the CDC suggestions while incorporating special segments based on state, city, or special regulations. If you want more information on the MBE training Blueprint, please contact us today.” We can provide the Team, or we can provide the Blue print.

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