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Hot Coin Index Is Coming Very Soon!

August 23
18:42 2019
Where is the Hot Coin Index? Before going live, you’re going to be able to hold the field.

Recently, with the “hot currency index in September grand launch” news, in many WeChat community, QQ group and self-media, have been crazy, so what is the hot coin index? Next, let’s find out!

According to industry insiders, the Hot Currency Index is a global digital currency aggregation trading platform, but also the top exchanges and digital currency industry service providers, innovative financial derivatives exchanges, the first blockchain-financial model, its core financial business covers French currency trading, currency transactions and other trading models. After the launch of the Hot Coin Index will be based on integrity and professional innovation spirit, to provide global customers with a safe, convenient, diversified all-round financial services.

The strength of the hot currency index trading platform can be said to be quite impressive! The Hot Currency Index platform brings together some of the world’s top digital currency exchanges, such as OKEX, Fiat and Alt-coin, as well as numerous digital currency industry rating agencies and industry authority media organizations.

“One-screen overview of industry dynamics, one-click implementation of all-network trading”, hot currency index platform has rich resources and the world’s top-quality partners to provide liquidity for the platform, the international team of investment consultants to help the community operation, will directly for digital currency players and users to provide 7 x 24 hours customer service, multilingual communication, extremely fast coin, Provide seinted customer service in all its aspects. At the same time, the global digital asset enthusiasts to provide real-time industry information and fast and convenient digital asset trading experience, so that every customer can experience the highest quality, the most secure trading services.

Where is the Hot Coin Index sacred? Before going live, you're going to be able to hold the field.

Hot Coin Index has the most core technical advantages – wind control systems: Intelligent Monitoring Alert (AI Ray), Multi-Level Funnel Intelligent Identification and Decision (AI Decision), Intelligent Analytics Insight (AI Insight), Intelligent Optimization (AI Optimize), A variety of monitoring measures and solutions to better protect the entire ecological platform and users!

The birth of the hot currency index also once again verified the cross-development of the blockchain era, but also greatly reduced the global digital currency awareness and consensus field of access threshold, to achieve the secondary convergence of industry traffic and the introduction of huge new traffic, to promote the global consensus of blockchain technology to take an explosive step!

The Hot Coin Index platform will also build a global ecosystem of blockchain-based information and value exchange, helping users effectively explore, invest and exchange digital assets, and open the value exchange path between the chain and the blockchain ecosystem.

On the occasion of the hot currency index, global digital currency investors will be better able to enjoy the platform to provide one-click operation, large single split, route scratching, millisecond trading and other new trading experience. Users download the Hot Currency Index APP, you can watch the authoritative global index, real-time market dynamics, just one KYC certification can be traded to the major exchanges, can buy the world’s lowest-priced coin orders in milliseconds, milliseconds to sell the world’s highest-priced currency orders, really solve the problems in the field of digital currency trading for a long time.

In the future, the hot currency index platform will become the digital currency field of THE NASDAQ, leading the global blockchain industry explosion, let’s wait and see!

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