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Lin Ning Focuses on the Business of IP, and Deep Ploughing Contents of Nextainment Media are in Prospect in the Future

August 23
18:18 2019

As one of creators of China Online Ticket Service, Lin Ning, the founder and CEO of Nextainment Group and Nextainment Media and the vice president of Entertainment Plus, integrates the two seemly contradictory identities of entrepreneur and investor; he skillfully melts big data new economy and big IP new entertainment together.

In 2017, Maoyan Movie and Nextainment Group Technology were merged, by the endeavor of expanding market, the online ticket platform found a new world for Chinese movies. In the future, IP will be an indispensable and important part of the content field, therefore, in 2016, Lin Ning founded up Nextainment Film and Nextainment Distribution, and in 2017, he upgraded Nextainment Film to a new brand, “Nextainment Media” to continue to deepen the road of IP operation.

Entertainment Plus Advances Triumphantly, to Construct a New Phase of the Film Industry

Lin Ning has been deeply ploughing in the film industry for many years, and in May, 2014, Lin Ning created Beijing Nextainment Group Technology Co., Ltd. In November, 2015, Nextainment Group completed its round C of financing, to become the first unicorn enterprise of which the market value breaking through 1 billion dollars, and in September, 2017, Nextainment Group and Maoyan Movie jointly constructed a new company, “Entertainment Plus”, which became the largest film ticket and entertainment platform. Henceforth, the popularizing rate of the online ticket service in China rose violently over 90%, and in a short time, it became one of the critical strength influencing Chinese film industry.

With more economical ticket prices and a more convenient ticket purchasing mode, watching film is no longer an inaccessible luxurious consumption and becomes a popular public consumption. The online ticket platform has practically changed audiences’ behavior of watching films, and big data generated by the platform also profoundly influences the interactive forms and patterns of getting along between “people” and “films”.

For common audiences, opening the professional edition of Entertainment Plus APP before watching movies to look over the movie information and grades has already become a subconscious compulsory exercise, and to some extent, the credibility of Entertainment Plus grades has even surpassed Douban, another authoritative platform for the publics. Besides guiding on decisions of watching movies, the online ticket platform is imperceptibly leading popular habit of watching movies. During the Spring Festival, the whole family went to see the family movie became a new trend.

For the cinema chain, the grades and “wanna-watch” changes on the Entertainment Plus APP of professional edition can be said to be a barometer for the cinema chain to grasp film states, which directly influences film evaluation and schedule of the cinema chain. For producers, the big data of the ticket platform is an important way to understand users’ demand, and also an important decision basis for them to pointedly formulate promotion and distribution strategies, and successful marketing of Monkey King, presented by Lin Ning, is a miracle with the help of user big data. This case both can be called as a textbook of Chinese movie marketing and initiates a tap water era of Chinese movie industry.

The Chinese movie market is steadily stepping forward, and Lin Ning and other persons with lofty ideals also make our nation become the first new film era in the world with online ticket service as an important supporting point.

Embarking the Internet Entertainment Concept, to Be the Most Professional Entertainment Brand

Take advantage of the mobile internet, Nextainment Group has established a complete entertainment chain from IP development, production, distribution, marketing, ticket service to derivative selling. Making use of its accumulation and sediment in contents, distribution and the IP field in three years after it has been established, in September, 2016, Lin Ning established a new brand, “Nextainment Media”.

Based on the internet entertainment concept, the content company, with IP operation as its core, developing multi-text development and multi-business mode realization as its operation mode, always insists on making boutique and being the upstream and devotes to creating film and television works that resonate with audiences and being the most professional entertainment brand.

At present, Nextainment Media has bred such selected head projects as The Twelve Hours in Chang’an, Record of Nanyanzhai and Mushen Record, and according to Lin Ning’s introduction, such diversified IP development as films and television, games, cartoons and theme scenes are in progress. Till now, there is not a company can be really called as IP operation in China, which is also the original intention of Lin Ning to create Nextainment Media, just as what he said, “IP is an old business in the world, but in China, it is still a new one.”

Under the leadership of Lin Ning, Nextainment Media has already walked on an uncommon but successful road: making changes on the supply side of contents, developing IP by big data, realizing cultivation of IP by interaction with audiences, and bringing changes for the content industry with internet thought.

“When we have good IP, what’s more important is to continually operate it.” In the process of IP operation, big data aiding also accurately presents intentions of IP creators and audiences, and these iteration and feedback can be well applied into the creating process, definition, production and marketing and propagandizing started in the later period.

About the future of Nextainment Media, Lin Ning expressed that “I want to change Nextainment Media into a product-style company in the content industry, to be an excellent and positive IP product company which can move people and lead fashionable aesthetic view points in the new era and continuously bring good works to the industry, and I also hope our expanding ability in derivatives can be exported to the whole industry in the future.”

Nextainment Media focuses on the content field of the screen culture, and devotes to development of IP, to continually create various recreational derivative industries, such as teleplays, internet dramas and internet movies, and Weiying capital continues to generate power on the investment of industrial chains, we have reason to  believe that under the leadership of doers, the future of Nextainment Media and Entertainment Plus is definitely in prospect.

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