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Hu Jiaqi, the Famous Anthropologist, Believes Science and Technology Have the Ability to Exterminate Human Beings

May 17
17:15 2019

Internet warriors have declared that in order to turn the Internet into a life, except for human physiological needs, everything will be replaced by artificial intelligence. When the real world becomes virtual because of technology, our social structure will be destroyed. Real emotional relationship among people is the basis of all social relations. When virtual artificial intelligence replaces reality, the existence of human beings as social men will disappear. As Hu Jiaqi, the famous anthropologist, mentioned in his 4th open letter to the leaders of mankind, intelligent robots developed by artificial intelligence will exterminate humans if their programs are out of control or if their self-consciousness awakens.

On one hand, gene technology can cure and resist diseases. However, on the other hand, it is interfering with nature to create more perfect human beings which is the highest goal of life technology. Whereas, are the “humans” after genetic modification humans or high-tech products? All these seem to be far away from us, but if we consider the “indomitable spirit” of some genetic enterprises, we will find that the disaster is actually in sight. Traditional technology has changed the external nature, thus breaking the ecological balance. Nowadays, genetic technology changes the internal nature of humans, which directly impacts the last line of defense of human spiritual home-ethics and morality. Human beings will have the abilities to change their spiritual nature for the first time. Is the destructive trend of science and technology as simple as a few atomic bombs and polluted rivers? Its all-round distortion for human society is destroying our social foundation and spiritual world.

However, human beings can not make good use of scientific and technological achievements universally and rationally, and the most advanced scientific and technological achievements will inevitably give priority to weapons for killing. The behavior of a country is easy to control, but the behavior of individual is difficult to control.

What is more worrying is that nowadays the world is in a state of numbness in development. Any appeal and warning about the safety of science and technology is very weak. People are more intoxicated with the various enjoyments brought by science and technology.

Therefore, Hu Jiaqi, the famous anthropologist, appealed to the people all over the world to act now, together, to control the development of science and technology. He believes that every step of us determines our future, and ultimately determines our outcome. After the development of science and technology up to such a high level nowadays, we still keep moving forward! Another step forward is bound to step on a mine which is a mine that exterminates mankind. It wouldn’t turn back since the moment we set foot on the mine. It would be our first time and our last time!

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