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Science And Technology To Expand Business Ideas, Tianhe Chemical Keeps Pace With The Times

May 17
17:09 2019

The development of the times is changing with each passing day. The competition among enterprises in the market economy is everywhere. “Science and technology development” is undoubtedly a new idea for enterprises to support the development of connotation.

Tianhe Chemical firmly grasps the theme of “Science and technology advancement is the primary productive force” and relies on its own scientific and technological strength to create an atmosphere of technological innovation. Focusing on technological innovation and scientific development, Tianhe Chemical has become the leading R&D and production enterprise of lubricant additives in China. The products occupy a place in the fierce market competition.

Science And Technology To Expand Business Ideas, Tianhe Chemical Keeps Pace With The Times

Market-oriented development of new products: With the continuous increase of similar products and increasingly fierce market competition, Tianhe Chemical has increased the development of high-tech products, and has become more and more demanding for product specialization and branding. The product application field is more extensive, playing an important role in expanding new markets and improving economic efficiency.

Independent innovation, development and improvement of core technologies: Through the research and development of core technologies, Tianhe Chemical has optimized the production process, significantly improved product quality, rapid sales growth, and significant benefits.

“Science and technology development” makes Tianhe Chemical’s development concept of “strengthen, refined and excellent” become more and more clear, and independent technological innovation has entered a virtuous circle of “production generation, development generation, development generation, reserve generation”. At present, the development of science and technology is being comprehensively and deeply integrated into economic and social development, and the technological development of Tianhe Chemical has stood at a new historical starting point and ushered in an important period of development.

The person in charge of Tianhe Chemical said: “The spur of the times and accelerate the development of science and technology is the development strategy that Tianhe Chemical will follow in the future. This year’s scientific and technological work is mainly to: recognize the situation, seize opportunities; focus on the overall situation, serve businesses; integrate resources, improve mechanisms, comprehensively promote the construction of innovation systems focusing on technological innovation; people-oriented, scientific management.” The scientific development strategy formulated by the company not only addresses the status quo, but also enables the employees to clearly understand the situation, clarify tasks, and achieve unity of ideas and actions.

Science And Technology To Expand Business Ideas, Tianhe Chemical Keeps Pace With The Times

Tianhe Chemical will continue the “science development” for the company’s well-being, all employees will play a new game, actively explore and boldly practice, form a strong cohesive force, and rely on scientific development to achieve rapid growth of production capacity.

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