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The Social Capital Foundation Never Stops To Be a Catalyst of Change

May 17
16:51 2019
The Social Capital Foundation Continues To Advocate Change in the Lives of Many People.

Brussels, Belgium – The Social Capital Foundation never stops to advocate better change in the lives of many people. The Non-Government Organization/Foundation is composed of a professional team that is never tiring on helping others especially the less fortunate. They strive harder to help society improve and develop a growing and peaceful community.

The said Foundation is ready to join forces with individuals or organizations that can significantly contribute to social cohesion and social capital development. They also work for policy research, economic policy, health, society, social capital, and more.

Their goal is to impart ideas to shore up the economic, social, political and moral environment through the development of the social link. According to the organization’s team, “We are happy to serve the community with passion and dedication with our advocacy for change.” They are a natural heir of The Club of Rome. They implement a holistic and international approach that is comparable with that of the Communitarian Network in the US.

The Foundation is confident to promote awareness through imparting accurate scientific knowledge in the public. They set up international conferences, advocate better public and private governance, edit international journals and more. The president of The Social Capital Foundation, Dr. Patrick Hunout, stated: “We are committed to strengthening the community through the promotion of social capital.

The Foundation believes that every individual has the right to enjoy a healthy and satisfying life. With that, they plan to promote good public health among people through various surveys and training programs. Social cooperation is essential for establishing a prosperous and peaceful community, and has a huge impact on mental health and social stability. With that, they conduct simple actions to make a big difference in society. Their events have the purpose of helping ideas grow and use networking on essential issues. The Foundation has developed evaluation methodologies to promote trust, reliability and quality of service in the economy and science.

They also aim for the development of civil society against the expansion of big government, and for the preservation of cultural identity for community integration.

They are a Civil Society Organization and NGO that aims to help their fellowmen in simple ways. Their purpose is for the public interest. They are an independent institution that has a goal of establishing Social Capital.

The Foundation’s relationship with third parties is not for profit and doesn’t support commercial interests. The Social Capital Foundation values its solid reputation in the industry, so they are careful in offering their services for the benefit of the community.

For more information about The Social Capital Foundation and their advocacies, visit their official website at or email them at [email protected].

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