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“Endorsing for Love, Gift for You” Lands on Times Square in New York on 520 Declaration Day

May 17
16:39 2019

Love should be spoken out loud! Unlike Valentine’s Day in the West, 520, an online festival, Declaration Day, spontaneously organized by hundreds of millions of netizens, is more about encouraging people to say their love aloud to those who care about and love themselves, so that their relatives and friends will know that they themselves are be loved!

On May 18, 2019, the five major brands, Sofy, Haier, Abbott Laboratories, Logitech and Breo, worked together across the fields to show their loves to global users through the Nasdaq screen in Times Square, New York, USA, which is known as “world crossroad”. New York Times Square, located in the heart of Manhattan, is the world’s busiest entertainment shopping mall and the most prominent commercial center. These five brands are from different categories: Sofy represents the love for friends, Haier represents the love for parents, Abbott Laboratories represents the love for children, Logitech represents the love for lovers, and Breo represents the love for oneself. Through the five themes of love, users were aroused to express their loves to friends, families, children, lovers and themselves with a new method in noisy life. The declaration of love attracted many passers-by to stop to watch, and set off a wave of forwarding on social networks.

May can be called “Love Month”. All the Labor Day at the beginning of the month, Mother’s Day at the middle of the month, 520 Declaration Day, Disabled Assistance Day at the end of the month, make the whole month full of love.

In this May of love, the five major international brands, Sofy, Haier, Abbott Laboratories, Logitech and Breo, across the country, categories and brands, with love as the medium, jointly held the marketing activity of “Endorsing for Love, Gift for You” caring for friends, family, children, lovers and ourselves, to attract the attention and fidelity of consumers through their own high-quality resources, and jointly launched “Endorsing for Love, Gift for You” promotional activities in JD Mall. This marketing campaign is not only a successful multi-brand interactive marketing, but also a reference model for cross-border marketing.

Under the influence of the middlebrow culture for thousands of years, Chinese people’s expression of love has been always awkward and shy. On special days, when giving families and friends a carefully picked out gift, we might have such simple and warm words as “Mom, I love you”, “Baby, I love you”, “Dear, I love you”.

The cross-border marketing of the five major brands seized the essence of cross-border marketing, reintegrated the two elements of “love” and “courtesy”, with the help of accumulated brand assets from many sides. Meanwhile, it covered the flow of both fans, which aroused the high attention of consumers, integrated new elements into the brand tonality, not only enhancing the brand image, but also bringing consumers a new shopping experience, to achieve the marketing effect of “1 + 1 > 2”.

With the intensity of market competition and the rise of new consumer groups, the traditional boundaries among industries have been gradually broken, and “cross-border” has become the term of the current fashion trend. A successful cross-border marketing can not only enhance brand exposure and popularity, realize the accurate complement of the fans, but also provide consumers with a better personalized product experience, so as to achieve a win-win situation between user experience and brand marketing.

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