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5G era is coming, where should the traditional fitness industry go? – Interview with Mr. Wang Qiang, Founder of Beijing Fearless Sports Culture Co., Ltd.

May 17
16:33 2019

The number of fitness people has exceeded RMB 435 million, the total size of the sports industry has exceeded RMB 3 trillion, and the total scale of sports consumption has exceeded RMB 1.5 trillion. China’s sports industry has developed in a very large-scale direction. However, the gap between China’s fitness industry and developed countries such as the United States is still very obvious. The number and quality of gymnasiums and population penetration rate are all ranked out of top 10th. The sports and fitness industry still has a long way to go. Recently, the reporter visited Mr. Wang Qiang, the Founder of Beijing Fearless Sports Culture Co., Ltd. (Abbreviation as Fearless), listening to him about the prospects and dreams of sports and fitness. Founded in 2014, in a spirit of erudite, innovation, progress and fearlessness, Fearless explores the highest peak of fitness. Since its establishment, Fearless has focused on fitness, owning a large number of professionals and frontiers who love fitness and bodybuilding, even has become the most professional fitness and coach training company in China.

Mr. Wang Qiang first mentioned: After five years of development, Fearless has owned a very mature system in fitness college and coach training, and has also formed its own unique management mode and growth model. But not satisfied with the current situation, not sticking to the rules, and even pursuing “whimsical” is my request for myself, and also my request for the Fearless. People always said that technology is the primary productive force, I think that innovation is. Preemptive strikes will make enterprises stand firmer. Fearless established Education Technology Co., Ltd. in 2016, focusing on event hosting, and Internet + business. In China, bodybuilding and fitness events have not been as popular as in the United States, and the degree of attention is low. We hope that bodybuilding and fitness events will be promoted to the public through the efforts of Fearless by holding many professional and amateur competitions every year. So as to push this event to a younger generation, Fearless firstly holds a college student bodybuilding and fitness event, which can be said to be unprecedented. These events and competitions held by Fearless have pushed China’s bodybuilding and fitness career to a new height.

When talking about the fitness industry in the Internet age, Mr. Wang Qiang said that the 5G era has arrived. This is an inevitable trend in the development of science and technology. He has seen the possible changes in the fitness industry in the 5G era. “AI and VR technology will be more widely used, and the field of online fitness app will be further expanded. In the very near future, we can easily enjoy the pleasure of lifting iron at home by wearing special fitness clothes and VR visual glasses. The new generation of technology will be very realistic to restore the load sense and pull feeling of the physical equipment in the gym, which may only be achieved with a set of clothes and a pair of glasses. Fitness can break through the limitations of time and space, and truly do it anytime, anywhere. Fearless originally researched and developed this project.”

Mr. Wang Qiang also referred that Fearless is preparing for a new O2O operating model. As early as 2015, some companies introduced the classpass operation mode from the USA, braking through the gap between gyms, integrating all gym resources, stepping through all the gyms in the city by one member card. However, this model has been seriously acclimatized and disappeared in a few months. After 2017, there have been several mergers of “Larger fish devour the smaller ones” in China’s gym market. Several major chains have annexed many small-scale gymnasiums, and the level of gyms has become more diversified. Many high-end privately-owned gyms are constantly emerging. Fearless hopes to establish a new O2O model, drawing on the classpass model but not completely copying it, targeting the high-end hotels and high-end clubs, creating a high-end membership model, integrating high-end member resources with advanced gym resources, and using mobile apps such as WeChat applet as a medium to create a new gym enjoyment model for high-income customers. It is a great creation of Fearless, and also the “vagarious fancy” of Fearless.

Demand release, policy encouragement, market refinement, and Internet access are all “where to go” in China’s fitness industry. Innovation, breakthrough, and homeopathy are the “how to go” of the enterprises in the fitness industry. This is the feeling and summary of reporter’s interview with Mr. Wang Qiang. China’s fitness industry is clearly the blue ocean industry of the Chinese economy. How to ride the waves in this blue ocean, Fearless has given the answer.

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