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SANSI Releases New LED Street Light with Patented Ceramic LED Technology

May 17
16:27 2019

C0820-ZR LED ceramic street light adopts patented ceramic heat dissipation technology with hollow out structured design. It consists of three colors housing for different wattage, with easy maintenance, dust proof & water proof, and cost effective design. Professional lighting distribution provides uniformity and high brightness lighting. The LED street light works with SANSI self-developed StarRiver intelligent monitoring system. 

The SANSI patented ceramic heat dissipation technology (CHDT) ensures fast heat dissipation and long-lasting performance. The LED chip(s) for SANSI’s LED street lights are both PCB and thermal adhesive free. By comparing with the aluminum material, the ceramic is more corrosive resistant for better protection against moisture and air pollution. SANSI’s Independent Pixel Heat Sink Technology provides both even and fast heat dissipation for each LED light pixel.SANSI develops LED street light, tunnel light, security light, flood light and high bay light based on the XQV2 ceramic pixel platform. It creates value and improves productivity.

Modular design | Unique light distribution | High performance

Featuring modular design, unique light distribution and replaceable LED light source, C0820 ZR LED street lights are suitable for a wide range of outdoor lighting applications.

Integrated power supply design,stable and reliable

C0820-ZR street light adopts self-produced integrated power supply design, effectively reducing THD and supporting hot swapping, easy installation and maintenance efficiencies.

Patented ceramic heat dissipation LED technology

C0820-ZR LED street light adopts air convection design and patented ceramic heat dissipation technology.(Patent No.:201721133174.0)

Smart remote control, energy efficient and cost saving

With StarRiver management platform, planning, controlling and managing your lighting infrastructure is simplicity itself.

Flexible installation,intelligent controller design

Vertical installation: 0°~15° adjustable, horizontal installation: ±15°adjustable.   Intelligent lighting management enables you to save on energy and maintenance costs.

Light Distribution Customization

SANSI offers a variety of optical lenses suitable for various road conditions providing uniformed light distribution.


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