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Rovilla McClellan Lorimor released a book on how to begin a stronger Christian Lifestyle by Eliminating Fear in life Through God’s Word

May 10
01:22 2019
Rovilla McClellan Lorimor released a book on how to begin a stronger Christian Lifestyle by Eliminating Fear in life Through God’s Word
This book will help readers become a winner and a success through Christ.

Wichita, Kansas – May 9, 2019 – Finally a book has been compiled to help the Christian man and woman fight the Spiritual warfare that comes against every child of God. Too often, those in the body of Christ do not have the time to study and rightfully discern how to overcome all the tricky schemes of the evil satanic forces that are unseen by the natural eyes, that is out to still kill and destroy the Christen lifestyle.

There is the book, Eliminating Fear in Your Life Through God’s Word that helps the reader destroy every temptation and every attack the enemy has maliciously planned against them; this victory is accomplished when the Christian man and woman stands on God’s Word. Each Scripture has been personally selected by the author to help the reader to advance and destroy of plot of Depression, Financial hardship, Self Doubt, and Overcoming the Sins and habits of the World that can so easily defeat the Christian journey.

Rovilla’s influence and inspiration is the divinely powered voice of God, His word should always prevail over the voice of the enemy, the enemy is against the Cross of Christ. Eliminating Fear in Your Life Through God’s Word is a book that will empower the reader to be led by Christ to obedience, wisdom, and knowledge. This book opens up a new door of strength and power available to the reader who is looking for a way of escape.

Pastor Rovilla’s church published the original first edition of “Eliminating Fear in Your Life Through God’s Word”. The feedback from the people was that they were healed by just reading the book. Pastor’s message to the reader is that victory, strength and power will come to those who persistently stand on God’s Word. When the believer speaks God’s Word the devil must flee (James 4:7).

“Eliminating Fear in Your Life Through God’s Word” is a delightful book of God that divinely opens up new gateways for the believer to take authority in Christ over evil suggestions that attack the mind. 

This book can help the believer learn how to get prayers answered by God, while standing firm in the Lord because Christ begins to abide and provide the confidence and the directions needed to overcome the test. 

For those who are still struggling to overcome the attacks of the strong man, Satan himself, this book will serve as a great self help guide book, loaded with ready scripture to accomplish victory in every area of human happiness.

About the author

Rovilla McClellan Lorimor was born and raised in Wichita Kansas. She has a Healing Ministry that is very successful. Many people on a monthly basis are Healed of Cancer, Infections of all kind, Bleeding Ulcers, Brain Cancer and Bone Cancer. Pastor Rovilla has a Master’s Degree in Arts and Christian Ministry form the top Christian school in Kansas, Friends University. Pastor Rovilla’s favorite scripture is I can do all things through Christ who strengthened me (Phil. 4:13). In the book you will be prepared to face the enemy every day and win through Pastor Rovilla’s 30 years of experience of faith in God’s Word. She reveals how to speak and utilize the anointed Word as a weapon against all evil. 

Rovilla’s favorite quote is, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” (Philippians 4:13). “

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