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Get ready to discover the benefits of the CPAP machine

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Get ready to discover the benefits of the CPAP machine

April 02
01:30 2019

In cases of sleep apnea (OSA) of the reference entity, severe therapy is based on all’im bend of a device nocturnal ventilation said CPAP. This treatment is customized based on the clinical history, the average visit and the results of the polysomnography. At Sonnomedica it is possible to follow diagnostic-therapeutic pathways related to night-time ventilation. In the simplest cases, which are the majority, hospitalization is not necessary and all activities related to training and ventilator testing are performed on an outpatient basis. 

The Medical Sleep team is able to set up ventilator treatments with CPAP, Auto-CPAP and CPAP Bi-Level. In selected cases (such as for central or periodic respiratory disorders) patients can be treated with other more sophisticated and complex non-invasive mechanical ventilation modalities.

CPAP and night ventilation: titration

The title of the CPAP consists in the “personalization” of the fan, or in a series of checks and examinations to identify the minimum effective operating pressure. Together with the titration, tests are carried out with different masks to allow the patient to choose the most effective and comfortable mask. These tests are essential to ensure maximum patient comfort and to minimize the most common breathing-related disorders through a mask, such as nasal irritation and congestion.
The CPAP machines

The CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure), developed in 1980 by dr. Colin E. Sullivan, a professor of medicine in Sydney, Australia, is currently considered the first choice treatment for sleep apnea syndrome.

The functioning principle of the CPAP is based on the increase in air pressure contained in the upper airways which, by virtue of this forced expansion action from the inside of their lumen, stop vibrating and, above all, can no longer collapse giving origin to the apneas.

The CPAP consists of a small fan, a connecting tube, and a nasal or nose-buccal mask. Obviously, all these elements are carefully chosen and calibrated, through a procedure called titration, according to the patient and the characteristics of his nocturnal respiratory pathology. 

The greater the attention dedicated to the patient and the experience of the medical staff in this phase, the greater the patient’s compatibility with the treatment.

The Auto-CPAP

The Auto-CPAP is a CPAP that the possibility of automatically varying the pressure in response to the variation in flow (apneas/hypopneas or limitation) or intensity of snoring. You have preferential use in patients with poor compliance with CPAP treatment or in patients with OSAS with apnea/hypopneas present only in limited periods (for example in close and exclusive association with the REM phase).

The Bi-Level CPAP

The Bi-level CPAP has the possibility of using two different blood pressure levels during inhalation and exhalation. This type of ventilator is used in patients with sleep apnea affected by pulmonary pathologies and/or in subjects with hypoventilation syndrome. In some cases, recourse to the Bi-level is motivated by the lack of compliance with the use of CPAP or the poor effectiveness of the CPAP.

The latest Sonnomedica CPAP and night ventilation is the Smart CPAP with remote control: find out more!

The advantages of CPAP treatment and night ventilation

The effectiveness of CPAP treatment in solving the problem of sleep apnea is close to 100 %. Patients with OSAS who begin treatment with CPAP immediately perceive the benefit with the disappearance of daytime sleepiness from the earliest nights of ventilator use. Often the perception of a finally restorative sleep after years of not restful nights is such as to determine a “love at first sight” with the CPAP machines.

In addition to the benefit on sleep, the CPAP machines work by improving all the cardio-circulatory, metabolic and inflammatory parameters of the patient: arterial hypertension is reduced and often there is a progressive reduction of the overweight. In the long term, the risk of heart attack and/or stroke is minimized.

To date, the night-time ventilation treatment is the only one for which a safe prevention action against vascular and metabolic risk factors linked to sleep apnea has also been demonstrated.

CPAP and night ventilation: the services of Sonnomedica

Sonnomedica, thanks to a network of specialized partners throughout the country, is able to guarantee the supply of night-time ventilation (CPAP) equipment as well as any spare parts and related assistance.

The main manufacturers’ equipment is available, such as:

Fisher & Paykel

Accessories and spare parts for consumables are also available through the Sonnomedica network. The CPAP delivery can take place either at our center in Milan or directly at your home.

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