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RDC Random Chain Creates a New Era of “Chain Age”

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RDC Random Chain Creates a New Era of “Chain Age”

March 05
03:31 2019

In recent years, with the concept of block chain increasingly becoming a hot topic in the capital market, a variety of block chain entrepreneurship projects have emerged, more and more investors and practitioners began to look for investment opportunities from the combination of block chain and various industries.

Block chain technology itself is undoubtedly pioneering, but at present, the increasingly exposed problems of digital currencies such as Bitcoin can not help questioning the reliability of its underlying technology, that is, block chain. Whether the block chain can solve the dilemma of digital money, whether it can continue to move forward, and which direction it should develop, perhaps only RDC random chain, the world’s first double-tier chain, can give an answer.

Currently, the “currency circle” built on the technological base of block chain is difficult to realize the “on-site handshake” transaction, and it often takes 1 to 3 hours to reach the transaction, which seriously slows down the process of its transformation from technical and conceptual to practical and monetary. At the same time, the high cost of “mining” the currency itself also hinders its function of “currency symbol”.

After such a long period of development, the underlying structure such as Bitcoin and ETF has slowly shown its own shortcomings, such as: high transfer fees, need a lot of computational support, mining power consumption, slow transfer speed and so on. Although ETF is widely used in the chain, it also broke out a series of problems, such as congestion, previous encryption. Cats and large-scale thinking problems almost paralyze the etheric square.

Just as the technical problems of block chain need to be solved urgently, RDC random chain, the first double-layer block chain in the world, was born. The R&D team is composed of the world’s top block chain experts and engineers. After three years of deep research and continuous polishing, RDC random chain, the third kind of block chain with epoch-making significance, was born. To solve these problems, the RDC random chain as a double-layer chain will give users a different world, RDC random chain, let the world shine.  As the third generation technology after bitcoin and Ethernet block chain technology, “RDC random chain” is the first and only block chain technology in the world, which is conditionally used by all mankind.


Behind such unique revolutionary technology, there must be an outstanding RDC team. They created the world’s first two-tier chain. The RDC Random Chain Project Development Team consists of 16 core developers, led by Rema Farley, and more than 15 scientists and engineers with many years of experience in the areas of block chains, digital money, etc. Its core members have led the development of a number of world-renowned large-scale data storage and processing systems, the scale of development is more than 10,000 servers. There is no doubt that this is a highly experienced international R&D team. Through in-depth study of block chain technology, the team broke the stereotype thinking and developed the world’s first double-layer chain technology, contributing irreplaceable strength to the accelerated development of global block chain technology!

As the world’s first two-tier chain technology, the design advantages of RDC random chain perfectly compensate for the shortcomings and limitations of block chain technology used in the existing digital currency, so that more platforms and the public can begin to accept block chain technology and apply it to daily life, thus obtaining large-scale applications. Block chain platform has been regarded as a promising platform with broad prospects for development. Block chain from a new concept technology to the final implementation requires continuous experimentation and development of developers. The emergence of RDC random chain injects a cardiac agent into block chain technology.

Random chain RDC as the world’s first double chain technology, it has preserved the core block chain function, but also produce their own unique advantages. The double-layer chain structure initiated by random chain RDC really solves the practical application problem of block chain. This makes the human use of block chains a big step forward. We have reason to believe that random chain RDC will reshape the development trend of the whole block chain industry and make the block chain more applicable!

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