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AMOS – Tokenizing the Health and Fitness Ecosystem

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AMOS – Tokenizing the Health and Fitness Ecosystem

February 04
08:38 2019

According to a global survey, more than 30% of all employees spend more than 9 hours sitting on their work chairs every day. As the global economy becomes even more knowledge-based, this percentage will only increase in the future. Sitting for long hours at a stretch can lead to several health problems including sciatica,diabetes, high blood pressure, muscular atrophy, etc.

Sports and health brands have been encouraging people to exercise. In fact in the United States, over 20% of Americans engage daily exercising or any other physical activities. This has lead to a boom in sports and health wearables. Gartner reveals that by 2021, the global smart watch revenues will hit USD 18.3 Billion.

An Unconventional Solution

AMOS is an e-commerce platform that incentivizes people to exercise and lead healthier lives. AMOS envisions to be a significant player in the health and fitness industry. To accomplish the objective, the company has rolled out a seamless service incorporating smart watches, smart gyms, and a blockchain-based platform. AMOS has also launched its tokens which will help the company raise funds for its future expansion.

Core Components of AMOS Platform

The business strategy of AMOS rests on 4 pillars that include:

AMOS Smart Sports Watch

This e-commerce platform of the company will be largely driven by the smart watch. The sport smart watch will gather data associated with users physical activities and store it in AMOS app. This data will be analyzed by the central servers subsequently users will be rewarded based on their contribution.

Moreover, users can share their data among each other and create sport communities. They can compete against each other, set goals, and establish new exercise related benchmarks. Through the AMOS smart watches, users can also buy tickets to various sporting events, sponsor them, make donations and gain membership to the Smart Gyms.

AMOS Smart Gyms

The AMOS platform will be complemented by a chain of Smart Gyms launched all over the world. The company has tied up with the Strength Master Group, a Taiwan based health and fitness organization to extended the concept of smart exercising offline as well.

Every Smart Gym will be integrated with fitness equipment that will track the performance of the users. Artificial Intelligence will play a prominent role at these smart gyms. Through this technology, users can obtain real-time feedback from AMOS on how to use a particular equipment properly along with right posture.

Sport Intelligence Analysis

A majority of sport wearables collect fitness data, but fails to offer proper analysis of the gathered information. However, the AMOS Smart Watch does not merely collect data but also analyzes it. Based on the feedbacks offered by the sport watch, the users can improve their existing fitness program.

Crowdfunding Platform

AMOS platform allows its users to crowdfund their various goals. Users with the platform can raise funds, charities, donations and sponsor various sporting activities. This way talented athletes who lack funds can also be helped monetarily through crowdfunding.

AMOS Token Sale

The AMOS token is on sale since December 1, 2018 and would be available to the general public until February 28, 2019. The company had issued 5 billion tokens out of which 2 billion were issued for public sale. The presale began from October 10th, 2018 and ended on November 30th, 2018, whereas the public sale was initiated on December 1st, 2018 and will end on February 28th, 2018.

AMOS – Integrating Blockchain and Health

AMOS has introduced the concept of blockchain technology to the fitness landscape. It has leveraged to power of AI, machine learning, and big data to make exercising and sports a rewarding activity smart and rewarding. By incentivizing fitness activities, the platform has extended a unique approach to encourage users to stay healthy and fit.

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