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PFGHL Launches Photovoltaic Power Station Project to Promote Sustainable Development of Garment and Textile Industry

January 24
20:48 2019

In the early days of reform and opening-up, China gradually started the environmental protection cause, and set up the concept of environmental protection, with a series of environmental protection laws, regulations, policies and measures issued. Since the beginning of the 21st century, the country has increased the construction and use of new energy sources, established the quantitative advantages of solar energy, wind energy and electric energy in the industry competition, and advocated the use of recyclable clean energy for industrial development.

As an environmentally-friendly garment manufacturer, PFGHL officially launched its photovoltaic power station project in Nanchong Factory at the end of 2018. Since its establishment, PFGHL has always adhered to the concept of sustainable development, and been paying attention to environmental protection while pursuing production quality and efficiency. This move shows that the company actively responds to the call of the state, contributes to the environmental protection cause, and acts as a company with an active attitude and a sense of responsibility through actual actions.

The project generates electricity by using the cleanest and safest renewable energy source – solar energy – instead of petrochemical energy. Photovoltaic panels are installed in production workshops, warehouses and office buildings of Nanchong factory, with a total installed capacity of 1,022.08 kWp. The electricity is generated and used by the factory, realizing self-sufficiency, while the surplus power is sold to the national grid, thus promoting the comprehensive utilization of resources and achieving an average annual power generation of approx 1 million kWh.


The photovoltaic power station project not only is clean, safe, stable and reliable, but also brings significant benefits, and can scientifically realize the concept of sustainable development. According to the analysis of economic benefits, the project has huge development potential and creates considerable revenue. It can not only realize energy saving and emission reduction, but also reuse and protect the roofs of the factory, increasing their service life. Meanwhile, the project will also promote the development of new energy in the Yilong area, and bring huge environmental benefits to the local area. In a word, PFGHL is contributing to both the development of national economy and the environmental protection cause.

Under the stimulation of fast-moving consumption culture, the conflict between garment and textile industry and environmental protection tends to be fierce. The waste of resources and the destruction of ecology by a large number of cheap clothing urgently require the garment and textile industry to take more actions on “sustainable development”.

Always adhering to the manufacture of high-end garment and following the concept of environmental protection, PFGHL has been introducing the latest scientific research technologies and intelligent and automatic mechanical equipment, independently producing organic silk raw materials by controlling quality from the source, and constantly improving the whole industry supply chain. By doing so, it has become a sustainable garment company offering all-in-one service covering mulberry planting, silkworm breeding, silk reeling, silk weaving, whitening, printing and dyeing, garment manufacturing, and export, and providing consumers with high-quality, environmentally-friendly garment and textiles.

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