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Freedom Start from the Moment of Owning a UGOCABRET, the Founder of High-Class Custom Fashionable Glasses

January 24
20:06 2019

In the ever-changing fashion world, UGO CABRET is an alternative legend, because UGO CABRET never pursues fleeting trends and always stands in the aesthetic castle half a step away from the mainstream. However, in the eyes of people who have a true understanding of the classics, UGO CABRET is a model that symbolizes aesthetics and feminism.

Demanding craftsmanship has always been a proud tradition of German design. UGO CABRET, born in southern Germany, displays this essence to the fullest.

In the 19th century, a German woman’s life was filled with unreasonable, conservative, rigid, tedious and outdated rules that always kept women in Germany from releasing their glowing lights of life.

The extraordinary creativity of UGO CABRET designers comes from their sincere hearts and delicate insights into a woman’s nature. UGO CABRET believes that regardless of being noble or humble, rich or poor, young or old, or beautiful or ugly, women have powers to pursue freedom, love and goodness in their hearts. This never-changing light radiates from the eyes of every woman. The eyes of each woman represent the grace of heaven. They are as bright as stars, unique, and impossible to replicate.

At this time, sunglasses entered Germany as a new thing, and the product’s unique style inspired the passion of UGO CABRET designers. They were keenly aware that this simple-shaped product was enough to awaken the free will of every woman, and that it would give eyes astonishing charms, making the beauty of women become bold, rational and thriving.

UGO CABRET completely changed the tedious design concepts in the past, and brought a perfect balance for sunglasses in terms of wearing comfort and aesthetics. This caused a “fashion avalanche” in the global fashion world, allowing UGO CABRET to successfully create a number of classic masterpieces of sunglasses.

Until today, UGO CABRET’s aesthetic concept remains unique. It helps women regain their relaxed and free minds, as well as the art of pleasure, with their very serious belief.

Since its inception, UGO CABRET has always insisted on keeping limited beauty against excessive industrial pileup, and pursued the spirit of classicism at all times by selecting rare materials, including K gold, precious stones, 925 silver, titanium metal, carbon fiber, keeping hand-made, simple design and limited edition, which helps it create a rich aesthetic kingdom in a simple way.

UGO CABRET is never excessively showy. In fact, UGO CABRET is like a stave that brings aesthetic inspirations, enabling every wearer to display their own aesthetic temperament using their eyes as a source of inspiration. Therefore, the beauty of UGO CABRET is both rare and rich. The beauty of every UGO CABRET girl is unique, and they all extend the rich aesthetic concept.

Among thousands of flashes, there is only one true love. The epoch-making innovative aesthetic concept makes UGO CABRET the vane of a modern woman’s aesthetic. Regardless of the past, present, or future, UGO CABRET’s nature shows that it will never show off its brilliance in the fashion world, and that it will belong to the private collection of a very small number of women, forever.

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