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How Cheap Pet Insurance Could Save a Ton of Money In The Long Run

January 24
18:39 2019

We are often taught to set a little money aside for a rainy day. I think that we have all been there; the furnace breaking down in the middle of winter, the hot water heater going out, or the dreaded car trouble. Most importantly, sometimes health issues can arise whether it be through illnesses or an accident. Emergencies happen, and they always seem to happen at the most inconvenient times. The problem is that bills don’t stop just because an unexpected expense comes up. One has to maintain their life while taking a large chunk out of their finances to handle these pop ups. 

Those of us that have fur babies know that they are undoubtedly a part of our family. They are a staple within our daily lives. Even with all of the endless games of chase, tug of wars, and cuddles, one thing that seems to rarely cross our minds until it happens is the thought of them getting sick or injured. As you all know, veterinary bills can be extremely expensive, sometimes even running as high as several thousand dollars. Just like humans, unexpected health issues can arise with pets and it’s much easier on our pockets when we are more prepared. 

We should take it upon ourselves to explore how different health plans, such as Pets Best for example, operate. A simple internet search may provide a recommended site for pet insurance, but we definitely encourage you to look at several options so that you can make an informed decision about what will work best for your needs. Although there are pet insurance companies that provide coverage for various animals, most pet insurance companies offer health coverage for dogs and cats.

When it comes to finding pet insurance for your fur baby, it’s not as difficult or expensive as one may think. Cheap pet insurance is fairly easy to find. Most plans for dogs or cats are very reasonable, averaging around $10 a month, give or take a few cents. Depending on the company, a pet owner may have a deductible. There may be instances where you would pay the vet bill upfront and get reimbursement from the pet insurance company, or the insurance company may take care of services altogether from the beginning of the process. Surprisingly, plans are somewhat similar to medical insurance for people. A few examples of what pet insurance cover are routine check-ups, optional vet direct pay, 24/7 pet nurse helplines, and optional accident and illness exam fees, just to name a few. There’s an abundance of information and assistance that pet owners can find through the American Veterinary Medical Association when it comes to being the best possible pet owner that you can be. 

With a small monthly investment, you can take the worry out of how you’d care for your pet if something were to ever go wrong such as health problems, issues from aging, or accidents. Our pets depend on us for all of their needs. Why not give them the same courtesy and care that we would give ourselves? They deserve to be in good health and in a safe environment.

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