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A Smart Way to Export Businesses and Projects to Foreign Markets

December 03
21:28 2018

Competition has led to failure for many companies, but those which learned to exploit easy accesses to the international market have experienced celebrated levels of growth. At Smartlation we’ve helped companies in Latin American and the Middle East to reach foreign markets, billing their new audience in more valuable currencies. Now we are hoping to participate in the development of the promising Brazilian market.

It is surprising the potential and growth that a company, or even an undeveloped idea seeking funding, can experience by internationalizing its proposal. Only after a startup translates (localizes) the website of its product, service, or project is it able to target foreign customers and investors, until then, the project is limited to local targets.

This small improvement in communication will allow Entrepreneurs, Marketers, Sales Agents, Business Developers, etc. to improvise additional channels in order to bring profits in any chosen way: email marketing, link building, Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, fundraising, etc. Naturally, all of the methods named above give better results when the message is sent in the target’s native language, something which can be done only if your website and your main marketing content are translated.

Organic marketing is a great example of the advantage translation can provide, because practicing SEO in languages other than English is cheaper according to customer reports, results are easier to achieve, new opportunities become achievable. Overcome the limitations of your marketing agents and let them increase the productivity of their budget by focusing on specific markets easily.

Translating suddenly gains you exposure to millions of additional targets with a single action.

While many companies manage to reach international audiences, some fail to communicate with customers after conversion, losing a returning customer, there is a famous Smart Luggage startup which is a good example, with many complaints from non-English-speaking customers regarding the lack of documentation in their languages.

Translating with Smartlation equates to the incorporation of a Translation Department into your company or project. Within few clicks, you are able to hire multiple translators to translate your content into as many languages as you want (we currently support over 140 languages) for 20 fields of expertise ranging from legal translation, medical translation and marketing translation, through to military or scientific translation and more.

While this platform (patent pending) allows customers to choose quality and price level freely, Smartlation guarantees quality if proofreading is added at the time of placing the order, providing a free-of-charge translation certification, mostly useful for legal procedures.

But the most important point to clarify is that we know what corporate customers need when hiring us, and that helping companies and ideas to grow by exposing them to new markets is our specialty and we carry out this with the same dedication as translating a book.

Our support agents are project managers with wide-ranging experience in Business Development and marketing, and work along with the client’s departments in order to achieve objectives in foreign markets, we also have lawyer translators in order to provide support for legal translation, likewise for the other fields of expertise.

It will take seconds to discover the lowest prices in the translation market, and the best way to get discovered overseas.

Visit now and upload the content which is most representative of your company, any email marketing text or advert, and get offers from thousands of professional freelance translators.

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