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New Wealth Generation Scheme Demystifies Real Estate Wholesaling and Investment

November 09
19:15 2018

November 9, 2018 – Those looking to generate their dream income and wealth should look no further than the recently published ‘The Get Rich Scheme’ by Simon George this Cyber Monday. Considered the perfect ‘square one’ to get going, this is a must-have guide to the secrets of making some quick real estate cash, whether the economy is up or down.

Watching real estate investors make their bucks with little effort isn’t a mystery anymore. Simon reveals his own well practiced systems so that others too can get their own share of the money. ‘The Get Rich Scheme’ is no fluff, and is intended for beginners with little money or expertise, guiding them along into becoming real estate investors and experts in their own right while accumulating wealth and living the good life.

Inside the book, readers will find many secrets about making cash in real estate that they have long wished they knew. The book shows how to spot and research discounted properties, structure the deals without money out of pocket or huge risk, and set up systems designed to generate long term success with operations in multiple cities and states.

This is an amazing step by step book for anyone looking to get into real estate wholesaling. The author breaks down exactly the steps a new real estate investor can take to succeed. This book is not full of fluff; it is to the point and full of actual things to do and how the author himself did it,” says a recent verified reader review.

Simon George started his career as a musician in his twenties, and looked for a career that would give him the time and freedom to continue with his passion. Working with his partners, he runs a prospering real estate wholesaling business today that includes rehabs, new builds and a portfolio of income properties, and he just turned 30!

Building a six or seven figure income isn’t dark magic, and can be done by working on one’s own. Real estate investment holds the key to this good life and future for anyone who wants to dig deeper. ‘The Get Rich Scheme’ is meant for all such readers.

Simon George is a real estate investor, musician, author, and serial entrepreneur from Nashville, TN. He started his real estate wholesaling business Grassland Home Services, LLC in 2015, and with the help of his partners has since expanded into residential buy and holds, rehabs, and new builds. He published his first album ‘The Way We Were’ in 2017 and his second album ‘I Am The Wanderer: Tales From The Old West’ in 2018. Simon currently lives in Chattanooga, TN where he is expanding his real estate investment business as well as working on separate ventures.

‘The Get Rich Scheme: The Secrets To Making Fast Real Estate Cash In Any Economy’ is available on Amazon.

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