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November 09
19:05 2018
HALTZGLOVES are designed to decrease car-pedestrian accidents and fatalities

ATLANTA, GA – November 9, 2018 – Deidre Goodwin knows that one of the most dangerous parts of her job occurs in and around traffic.

Deidre was inspired to invent a high visibility safety glove after she was nearly struck by a car while directing traffic on Peachtree Street in Atlanta, Georgia.

“Even though I was wearing gloves designed for directing traffic, I was nearly hit. The driver yelled out of their window that they could not see me,” Goodwin said.

She realized the gloves she was wearing had no reflective material on the palms. Goodwin searched for a glove to increase her visibility. When none could be found, she created her own.

“I knew I had no sewing ability, so I traced the outline of my hand onto the material and I glued it together. It was a hot mess, but it gave me a picture of what I really wanted.”

Then she tested it in the field — with some caution. It worked and Goodwin believed so much in the product, she sold everything and cashed out her retirement to raise capital to launch HALTZGLOVES.

Deidre hopes that HALTZGLOVES will keep anyone who needs to work or are in and around traffic safe as they perform their duties. It’s also attracted the attention of runners and cyclists who want to increase their visibility.

“All I want is for everyone to go home safe,” she said.

The product has even attracted the attention of Amazon who invited Goodwin to sell on Amazon Business.

Members of law enforcement who have tried the gloves give them glowing reviews.

Captain Tim Sharp of Baxter Police Department in Tennessee said, “HALTZGLOVES are number one. I use them each and every day in the school zone and I had parents to stop and tell me, ‘Those I can see.’ I recommend these gloves, HALTZGLOVES, for traffic safety. Best on the market.”


HALTZGLOVES are the best high viz reflective gloves on the market for law enforcement, fire fighters, motorcyclist, runners and pedestrians. They were designed to increase the visibility of anyone working in and around traffic.

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To set up an interview with Deidre Goodwin, please contact her at [email protected] or call her at 404-454-6592.

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