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Asia Pacific region is estimated to grow faster in Feed Yeast Market

November 09
16:30 2018

Feed Yeast Market | Research Cosmos
Feed Yeast Market Size is Expected to reach at USD 602.8 Million by 2022, and Market top players are Archer Daniels Midland Company, AngelYeast Co., Ltd, LALLEMAND Inc, Alltech, Cargill, and other major Companies Involved in this report

Feed Yeast Market Overview:

Yeast is called a unicellular fungus. The yeast used in food and feed is known as Saccharomyces Cerevisiae. Fodder yeasts have an important application in ruminants because they are considered the most developed market for the use of live yeasts. In addition, few strains of Saccharomyces cerevisiae can help prevent the reduction of rumen pH in a cereal-based diet, which seems to be related to a reduction in lactate levels in the rumen. Ruminal acidosis occurs when a ruminant consumes a large amount of fast-fermenting carbohydrates. Yeast products are also part of equine diets and are added to your diet to prevent digestive disorders. Horses are vulnerable to gastrointestinal disorders due to a sudden change in their diet, which leads to changes in the fermentation patterns that lead to metabolic disorders. Yeasts are also used in pig nutrition, but their action differs from that observed in ruminants and equines. The inclusion of yeast products in the nutrition of pigs has shown an increase in immunoglobulins in the milk of sows and minimizes diarrhea.

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Feed Yeast Market Size Study:

The Feed Yeast Market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 8.21% during the forecast period, to reach a projected value of USD 602.8 Million by 2022

Feed Yeast Market Drivers and Restraints:

Due to the outbreak of diseases such as avian and avian influenza, and foot-and-mouth disease, the meat market in North America and the United States is very cautious. To reduce these outbreaks, the use of antibiotics in animal feed as growth promoters in the United States was banned and several campaigns were conducted on the proper use of these products. With the banning of antibiotics for animal feed in the United States, the market for feed yeast in the country has received a considerable boost. This is important because the United States is one of the largest meat markets in the world. In addition, the use of dietary yeast has several benefits, such as improving the digestibility of food, reducing costs, improving the absorption of nutrients and improving their performance. Because of these factors, leaven foods are increasingly popular and replace antibiotics, as they improve the health and performance of livestock. For these reasons, the yeast market is gaining ground worldwide due to its inherent benefits. Apart from these, the lack of awareness about animal feed and its benefits among farmers in developing countries is one of the main obstacles to market growth at present. In addition, high production costs are another important factor that impedes market growth. Government regulation of packaging, manufacturing and labeling of yeast foods is another factor that limits the market currently.

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Feed Yeast Market Geographical Segmentation:

Geographically, the market is classified in North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America. The Asia-Pacific region is expected to show equitable growth during the forecast period. Europe is also another important market for forage yeasts. Being North America and Europe regions are the major contributors for the market, they are estimated to be continuing their pace in forecasted periods.

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Feed Yeast Market Major Companies:

Nutreco N.V., Archer Daniels Midlands Company, Leiber GmbH, Diamond V, Cargill Inc., Diamond V, Associated British Foods Plc are the major players of the market.

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